Capital G Productions LLC



Just a short trip outside Manhattan, Capital G Productions is based in the heart of an up and coming Jersey City, NJ. This growing city has welcomed a blossoming artist community, including a collective of television and filmmakers. We’re proud to be a part of the Jersey City Film Collective. Find out more here.


The Team

Bryan -  Normal.jpg

Bryan Scuteri - Cofounder

Bryan is a producer based in Jersey City, NJ. Currently focused on producing commercial and creative content, he has a wide-range of experience in the industry working on short films, commercials, and features in a variety of positions. Bryan also sings and plays the piano and performs live locally and around the Northeast.

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Michael DiGioia - Cofounder

Michael DiGioia is a commercial and narrative director of photography and New Jersey local. Most of his experience comes from short form pieces, but he is currently in production on a feature length documentary. Look out for his most recent projects: Catalina, Paul, and Punchline, all currently in the festival circuit.