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Capital G Productions LLC is a creative agency and multimedia company specialized in video production. We have over 18 years in combined experience working on video, animation. Our network extends a wide range of the media industry, allowing us to deliver full-service products from start to finish. Our experience allows us to deliver high-grade products at a fraction of the price.

We excel at finding creative solutions for any size project. Let us help you tell your story!



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BRYAN SCUTERI - Creative Director



I've been honing my creative skills for most of my life. Even in high school, I was making promotional videos for organizations like the Junior League of Monmouth County.

As a pro, I've done it all: I've been a writer, director, editor, and a lighting/sound technician. I've worked on everything from small indie films to big-budget corporate productions. My wide-ranging experience gives me unique perspective in the creative field that I bringto every project.

I enjoy a clever story and thoughtful designs. I also think rope knots are fascinating.  Something I don't enjoy is fruit-flavored candy. Don't try to tell me a raspberry Jujyfruit takes like a raspberry. It's just not true

MICHAEL DIGIOIA - Director of Photography



'm always working behind the camera. I've shot short films, features, weddings, and corporate productions.  In summer 2015, I shot a film in Shanghai, China - If you ever find yourself on Dongzhu'anbang Road, I can get you a discount on an awesome noodle dish. Let me know.

 I also have a lot of professional experience behind the computer. I helped edit "Trapped", a hard-hitting documentary produced by Trilogy Films.

I love working with the comedy group American Breakfast. We have a web series set to be released toward the end of 2016.